Resources For Creating Healthy Habits

Creating Healthy Habits

Kristen Staton, Prevention Specialist with the San Antonio Council on Alcohol & Drug Awareness and the Hill Country Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse has started writing a monthly article for The Rainbow Center at Kronkosky Place in Boerne.


12/1/2022 – Gift Yourself Peace – De-Stress The Holidays!


With the holiday season upon us, we may be facing extra stress, whether we’re spending the holidays with loved ones or on our own. Here are 5 ways to stay in the holiday spirit… or at least keep Scrooge at bay.


  1. Try to maintain as much of your regular schedule as possible. Keep exercising. Take time to draw in your sketchpad at night. Get out in the garden (yes, itDecember, but its Texas).
  2. Embrace imperfection. Perfection is impossible, and usually were the only ones holding ourselves to such high standards.
  3. Take breaks. Too much holiday talk with friends when youre not feeling it? Step away, and when you come back itll be a natural time in the conversation to change the subject.
  4. Take a nap. Sleep works wonders for your mood (and for avoiding conversations with that one person you didnt invite but is somehow still at your house for Christmas).
  5. Be kind. The holidays can be magical, but they can also be a source of pressure and disappointment. Acknowledge that and put as much kindness into your interactions with others as possible. Youll have warm, fuzzy feelings in no time.

1/1/2023 –Resolve to Create Healthy Habits All Year Long


Thanks to countless “New Year, New You” articles, January has become the de facto time of year for people to evaluate their choices and habits. Whether you want to incorporate more exercise into your day, or you want to stop relying on a substance like tobacco or alcohol, there are steps you can take to get yourself where you want to be.


  1. The first and most important step? Give yourself grace! Focus on the new habit you’re creating TODAY, and don’t dwell on the past.
  2. Set a concrete start date, preferably sometime in the next two weeks to keep that momentum going.
  3. Do the math. How much will it cost you NOT to create your healthy habit? Let’s say you want to stop smoking. Crunch the numbers on how much cigarettes cost you, and then consider the physical and emotional price of continuing to smoke. Jot these down for when you need a reminder.
  4. Identify circumstances that may make it harder for you to stick to your goal. These can be social events, seeing someone engaging in unhealthy behavior on TV, or dealing with unpleasant emotions. Come up with a plan for how you’ll handle those situations before you’re in them.
  5. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small. Be proud of the work you’re putting in for a healthier life!


Remember, while January may be the month of making resolutions, you can create healthy habits any day of the year. What will you create for yourself today?