Resources For Teens


With the all the pressures of being a teen, having to deal with peer pressure can be the toughest to face — especially when it comes to using alcohol or other drugs. Here are some resources to help teens learn about the negative health consequences of drugs and alcohol, how to deal with this type of peer pressure, and where to get help if you know someone who is struggling with addiction.

Helpful Links


We offer classes that can keep you safe and healthy. If you’ve gotten a ticket for possession of alcohol or other drugs, our courses are accepted by Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, and other courts to get your ticket dismissed.


Recovery School

Rise Inspire 227-2634

Mentoring Services

Big Brother Big 225-6322
Communities in 520-8440


Clarity Child Guidance 616-0300

Our Lady of the Lake University

Community Counseling Service(210) 434-1054
Family Service 299-2400
Alamo Children’s Advocacy 675-9000
Rape Crisis 521-7273
National Suicide Prevention 273-8255

Rise Recovery 227-2634