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The San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness (SACADA) offers presentations at NO CHARGE as requested, upon availability. Below is a list of topics. To request a presentation call 210-225-4741.

Meaningful Connections (4-Part Series)
These presentations are designed for adults and are each 1-hour long. You may book the entire series or any topic individually. To arrange these presentations for your group, contact Andrea Salazar, Associate Youth Director, at

1. Relationships that Matter – Communication between parents and teens
2. Signs of Drugs and Alcohol Misuse
3. Beat Stress Before It Beats You
4. Clearing the Smoke: What you Need to Know about Vaping

Prescription Drugs and Opioids
This presentation defines prescription drug misuse, universal precautions, and facts about prescription stimulants, sedatives, and painkillers. Topics include a brief history of the opioid crisis and strategies to reduce risks of addiction and overdose deaths. Ways to dispose of extra medication safely is discussed. 30-60 minutes. Contact Vickie Adams, Coalition Director, at

Overdose Reversal (Narcan) Training
SACADA’s Addiction & Recovery Program offers Overdose Reversal (Narcan) Training. Attendees will receive an update on the growing opioid epidemic in Texas. By the end of the training, attendees will know how to recognize, respond and evaluate an opioid overdose and where to access Naloxone (Narcan). The training is offered to traditional and non-traditional First Responders. Please request at Contact Craig Lambaria,  Project Director, at to schedule a training.

Stigma and Substance Use – Recovery Is Possible
This training will cover the incidence of substance use disorders, definitions and background of substance use disorders, definition of stigma and how stigma affects persons with substance use disorders and why language matters. This is a 1-hour presentation. Please request at For additional questions, contact Diana Boone, Adult Services Program Director, at

Alcohol Education
This presentation talks about local underage drinking statistics, youth health effects and negative consequences, and San Antonio’s Host Ordinance. 30-60 minutes. Contact Vickie Adams, Coalition Director, at

This presentation discusses the definition of e-cigarettes, youth e-cigarette use statistics, youth health effects, Tobacco 21 ordinance. 20-30 minutes. Contact Vickie Adams, Coalition Director, at

Marijuana: Drug Facts and Policy Updates
This presentation covers health effects, social issues, and policy considerations involved in decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana for retail or medicinal use. 30-60 minutes Contact Vickie Adams, Coalition Director, at

In addition to presentations to adults on alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and drug trends, SACADA offers positive activities such as Bingo, crafts, and other games. The minimum amount of time needed is 30 minutes for each activity. To arrange for an activity with your group, contact Melissa Scott, Associate Youth Director, at

For more information, please contact:
Abigail Garza Moore, CEO, email
Lisa Juarez, COO, email
Velda Schalk, Development Director, email