Empowering our community to live healthy lives; by providing prevention, intervention, and recovery support services for children and adults.


A safe and thriving community.


In 1957, a small group of prominent citizens formed The San Antonio Council to educate the community about the disease of alcoholism and to assist alcoholics and their families in finding appropriate resources.

SACADA continues to expand our prevention, intervention, and recovery support strategies to strengthen families. We actively educate Bexar and surrounding communities to prevent the use, abuse, and addiction of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs that negatively impact health and lives.

SACADA continues to be an innovative leader in preventing and solving problems associated with substance abuse.

Serving San Antonio Since 1957

The San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness (SACADA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides education, youth prevention programs, information resources and services to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. We serve nearly 90,000 people in Bexar County and 28 surrounding counties in South Central Texas.

Most services are at no charge to the community. Funding for programs is provided by:


“Almost all my childhood was taken from me by the use of drugs. My biological parents were both heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol. It led to my siblings and me being born with fetal alcohol syndrome. My father died of a drug overdose and my mother chose drugs over her children. SACADA’s program made me realize that my childhood wasn’t my fault…that my mother wasn’t a monster. I hate drugs – not my biological parents.” 12th Grade Female Student
“My name is ‘G’ and I am 33 years old. I met my recovery coach in August. He has been in my life ever since then. He has been very helpful and supportive to me. He has helped me through the hard times when I have doubted myself and felt like giving up. When things get overwhelming, he always has time for me and gets me to look at the big picture. I really appreciate all he has done for me. He has helped with vouchers for VIA transportation and helped me when I was in need. SACADA has a great program. Thank you all very much.” Client of SACADA’s Recovery Support Program

“This year, SACADA provided supportive classes to our students to build self-esteem and increase awareness about at-risk behaviors. I was pleased to receive feedback from a parent who shared how the class facilitated by Ms. A has benefitted her child. The mother talked with her child about the classes and was pleased with the outcomes. The parent shared that because of the classes, she has seen an improvement in her child’s behavior at home. She also reported that there was an improvement in grades. Probably most importantly, the parent believes that her child’s self-esteem and communication skills have improved because of the classes. We are happy to have the opportunity to partner with SACADA in service to children and families. When we work together, there is nothing that our children cannot accomplish.” School Superintendent
“I just want to say that my recovery coach has been a big inspiration and mentor in my recovery. When I need someone to talk to or even cry, he’s there for me. He’s been a big help in my sobriety. He's the best recovery coach I ever had. Sometimes he gives it to me straight, but that’s good. I need that structure and push. And I know he's the man to do it because he’s been in my shoes. I can’t lie to him because he will call me out. I wish there were more people like him that would break their back for you. I’ve never had that in my life. I thank God for him. Thank you, Coach!” Client of SACADA’s Recovery Support Program