Work Place

Serving the San Antonio community workforce for over 10 years, SACADA is a member of the Employee Assistance Program Association and partners with them to provide resources to employers and their employees.

SACADA provides comprehensive drug free workplace services for San Antonio area employers. Services available include:

  • Supervisor training
  • Reviews and recommendations for company drug policies
  • Employee education
  • Referrals to EAP providers and drug testing services.


Case Studies

Parent Child Incorporated in San Antonio Texas received federal funding for Head Start programs and was required to have drug-free workplace training documented for employees and managers.

A & C Products, a manufacturer of windows for private aircraft, partnered with SACADA for help with:

  • meeting federal aviation guidelines for their company drug policy
  • monthly drug educational programs for companies whose employees test positive and are required to attend drug educational programs to comply with EAP recommendations.


San Antonio Employer Profile

According to the US Census, over half (65.2%) of Bexar County’s population 16 years and over is in the labor force.

The following table shows top employers by industry for Bexar County. We’ve highlighted those which correspond to those sectors of employment identified by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health as the ones with highest past 30 day use of drugs and alcohol. Based on experience and knowledge of our area, we feel that Construction, Accommodation and Food Service, Arts, Entertainment and Recreation, Retail Trade, and Manufacturing would be realistic and the most beneficial targets for drug and alcohol prevention services and programs. However, we do not intend to limit our services to these sectors alone.

Figure 1

Employment by Industry/Sector
Industry Employment
Department of Defense 195,075
Construction 50,344
Accommodation and Food Service 85,765
Health Care 115,875
Retail Trade 93,729
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation 11,073
Information 22,883
Manufacturing 44,941


Aside from being a home for thousands of members from all branches of the military, San Antonio is primarily well known throughout the state for its tourist industry. In 2008, San Antonio hosted over 20 million leisure visitors and the overall economic impact was $11 Billion, an estimate that is probably conservative because almost every sector of employment is impacted by tourism in one way or another.

Bexar County’s construction industry is still a large source for employment, despite the current economic downturn, and is expected to grow even more due to the consolidation of Bexar County’s military bases.