Veterans & Military Families


SACADA is honored to provide services:

• Individual and Family Prevention Education
• Referrals to In-patient and Out-patient treatment
• Drug and Alcohol Presentations to Veteran provider agencies

Contact Cesar Navarro 210-225-4741

Strengthening Veterans and Their Families Through Community Resources

Vet Corps Goals:

  • Increase the number of veterans and military families (VMF) receiving services and assistance by establishing partnerships and developing collaborations with communities to help create a network and safety net of support similar to that of military bases Increase the capacity of community institutions and civic and volunteer organizations to assist local VMFs in several areas
  • Enhance opportunities for healthy futures for VMF focusing on access to health care and health care services, with an emphasis on substance abuse prevention, treatment and outreach
  • Facilitate the provision of and access to social, mental and physical health services to VMF
  • Enhance economic opportunities for VMF (focusing on housing and employment)
  • Increase the number of veterans engaged in service opportunities.

Contact Cesar Navarro 210-225-4741

SACADA will host a Vet Corp member summer 2012 Vet Corp member will help returning veterans and their families receive critical support and services - from housing and employment assistance to behavioral health services