Parents worried about “Pop Rocks Meth”

Parents worried about “Pop Rocks Meth”

SAN ANTONIO — Meth made to look like candy? A south Bexar County fire department says they’re getting a lot of questions from parents worried about “Pop Rocks meth,” and the department president asked News 4 WOAI for some answers.

The president of the Sandy Oaks Volunteer Fire Department says parents have been asking her about the candy-colored drug, which looks like the candy Pop Rocks. She said she warned paramedics and Southside I.S.D. just as a precaution.

“We believe it’s a myth,” said Abigail Moore, president of the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. “The reason is, it would take such a huge concentration of anything sugar or flavored to try to hide the bitter taste of methamphetamine.”

Moore said they have not received any reports from the Drug Enforcement Agency or local Poison Control about the “meth Pop Rocks.”

“It’s not ingestible, Moore told us. “The taste is so awful, the children would know it’s not candy,” she said.

Moore said a bigger danger parents need to know about is prescription drug abuse among teens.