Forum Rallies San Antonio to Hold Social Hosts Accountable

March 22, 2012

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Forum Rallies San Antonio to Hold Social Hosts Accountable
Community Addresses Where Youth Are Getting Alcohol

San Antonio, TX — Youth are getting most of their alcohol from parties, friends, and other social settings. Students indicate they do not get in trouble from police in a 2010 survey of students from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). This is cause for alarm due to the risky behaviors and negative consequences associated with underage alcohol use. Prevention experts, community leaders, and concerned citizens joined together Thursday, March 22, at 8:30 AM at the South Texas Centre AT&T Building to participate in the Community Readiness Forum for Social Host Accountability to address this issue.

According to the most recent DSHS School Survey of Substance Abuse, alcohol continues to be the drug of choice for youth in Texas with more than 60% of secondary school students reporting they have drank alcohol, as opposed to less than 31% reporting the use of tobacco. Youth are also state that alcohol is the easiest substance to obtain and most of the time they get it from social settings, as opposed to their parents or purchasing it at a store. Alcohol use among underage drinkers is related to driving while intoxicated, dropping out of school, poor academic performance, unplanned/unwanted sexual activity, violence, injuries and other risky behaviors. A report from the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation found that those consequences cost Texas 6 billion dollars a year.

“Alcohol poses a substantial threat to underage Texans in every community across the State,” said Nicole Holt, Executive Director of Texans Standing Tall. “That’s why the community is taking a stand and implementing proven prevention strategies to keep alcohol out of the hands of underage students.”

The Social Host Accountability Forum, held in San Antonio, is one of six being held by Texans Standing Tall across the state in 2012. They bring together local level prevention experts, community members and leaders to collaborate on determining a community’s readiness for implementing the effective strategy of holding social hosts accountable for allowing underage drinking parties on their property. Participants receive the latest research on youth and student substance abuse trends and skill building opportunities on how to effectively create healthier and safer communities.

“Youth know alcohol is dangerous. They know their parents don’t approve. But they aren’t getting in trouble,” said Vickie Adams, Coalition Coordinator for the Circles of San Antonio Coalition. “As a community, we need to hold adults accountable for preventing underage drinking and its negative consequences.”

The 2012 Community Readiness Forum for Social Host Accountability is hosted by Texans Standing Tall, the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and the Circles of San Antonio Community Coalition, with support from the federal Drug Free Communities Support Program.

About Texans Standing Tall
Texans Standing Tall (TST) is the statewide coalition working to support and create healthier and safer communities for our youth. Our vision is to make alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs irrelevant in the lives of youth. We consist of community coalitions, individual adults and youth, state agencies and other organizations. We seek to energize and mobilize citizens to advocate for community change, serve as a current and reliable information source and advocate to change attitudes, behaviors and regulations.

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